Thusano Association for the Blind in South Africa

Thusano Association for the Blind in South Africa



  • To establish a profitable bakery for Thusano Association for the Blind.
  • To develop the strong presence in the community needed to support sales goals.
  • Set up a cost – effective distribution network using the Infropreneurship network concept, that will ensure
  1. To setup an economically viable and sustainable bakery in Jan Kemp Dorp .
  2. To create permanent jobs, alleviate poverty and improve the living conditions of blind people and the broader society
  3. Promote job creation and self – reliance by subcontracting young and blind entrepreneurs in the bakery’s production distribution network.


Project deliverables:

The purpose of the proposal was to raise funding for:

A Bakery

  1. Convert the donated hall into a bakery by
  • Adding a new roof on to the building
  • Doing the appropriate plumbing and electrical work
  • Doing the necessary brick work
  • By and install the bakery equipment and accessories.



  • The Thusano Association for the Blind Bakery Project, is a not – for – profit organization in Jankempdorp whose primary objection is to promote and enhance the well- being of blind people in the area.
  • The Jan Kemp dorp municipality has donated a disused hall in the township to Thusano to be converted into a commercial bakery.
  • The bakery is 100% owned by Thusano Association for the Blind, which is a legally registered NPO.


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