Creating a life-changing experience in full darkness
where blind facilitators enable you to see with eyes wide shut and heart wide open


   Bread in the dark-1a-close
Visualization of the space for Bread in the Dark with the kneading tables in the forms of world’s continents

We are currently fundraising in order to launch our Bread in the Dark pilot program at the Bread House social bakery in Sofia, Bulgaria. We have already developed the methods and events design for the Bread in the Dark, but we need special equipment for the space.

Our events strive to offer a variety of unforgettable and transformative sensorial experiences to participants, for which we have planned the hand-made construction of unique, custom-made kneading tables in the shapes of world’s continents. We will offer and engage the participants in a series of “TRAVEL IN THE DARK” events, guessing the continent they “visit” and kneading traditional breads with herbs and other aromas for that continent.

tablesWe also need help with the initial equipment of the facilities and darkening of the space:  black-out curtains, with removable items, special furniture and utensils.

What Support we need for the “Bread in the Dark” (A total of 12,200 BGN)

  • For equipment of the sensory space we need an initial investment of 3000 BGN.
  • The six custom made tables will cost around 6000 BGN.
  • For training and hiring blind people as the main facilitators of the events, we need to secure two blind facilitators an initial honorarium of 400 BGN per month for the first 4 months (3200 BGN total), while we train the people and popularize the program in order to secure sustainable income from regular paid “Bread in the dark” events.


We thank you in advance for your donation. It can also help your tax deductions, since we are a non-for-profit charitable organization.

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